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The Team

Patrick Mdakane- CEO & Marketing director

Leader of Team Wave. A man with extensive experience in the  Electrical rewinding sector. Patrick is charismatic- a bold and fearless leader but a humble and pleasant man to deal with. This combination makes him the rock around which Team Wave operates and an excellent CEO.

Lena Mdakane- Finance Director


Patrick's loving and loyal wife.Tireless and dedicated to the growth of Team Wave. A fun and loving individual whose commitment to Team Wave is beyond description. As Director of finances and a key negotiator, Lena is a key player and the pivot in Team Wave. The typical Alpha female who can lead as well as listen.


Mandla Mdakane- Managing Director and Director of Operations

A quiet and humble man who silently goes about keeping operations efficient and smooth. A director who is directly in touch with his team and operations and selflessly and with total dedication, keeps the company's repairs, refurbishing and supplying of products smooth and efficient.


Jacqui Mdakane- H.R Director

A friendly and warm hearted but frank woman who is a good team worker and a peoples person and also passionate about her work as an H.R in the company.Loves to train and advise workers and would also love to see them more prosperous and properly trained in different fields of their relevant experiences/passion in work related issues.

She says:"I would also like to see Wave Armature Winding soaring the skies and being an international icon of an emerging successful black engineering business while also venturing in other industries and businesses."


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